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The Association des Specialistes en Chirurgie Plastique et Esthetique du Quebec maintains this web site to provide general information, education and communication about cosmetic plastic surgery. The information on this web site should not be construed as specific medical advice or recommendation. The ASCPEQ, its directors and officers, do not guarantee that the information contained on this web site is accurate or complete and do not endorse opinions that may be presented on it. The information is subject to change from time to time without notice. The ASCPEQ is not responsible for any actions resulting from the use of this information either by physicians or other persons.

Information contained on this web site is not a substitute for a consultation and physical examination by a physician. Only discussion of your individual needs with a qualified physician will determine the best method of treatment for you.

All information contained within the ASCPEQ web site is the copyrighted property of the ASCPEQ. Reproduction, redistribution or modification of the information for any purpose is prohibited without the express written permission of the ASCPEQ.

The information, views, and opinions contained on ASCEQ personal member web pages are those of the member and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the ASCPEQ.

Although ASCEQ undertakes reasonable efforts to keep the information contained in " ASCPEQ Member Search " and member web pages accurate, the ASCEQ does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the information contained in those areas of this web site.

The ASCEQ does not in any way endorse the individuals described in " ASCPEQ Member Search".

In no event shall the ASCEQ be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken by you in reliance on such information.

The ASCPEQ, its directors and officers, will not be responsible for any information found on linked web sites or their associated links. The links are provided for the convenience of the reader and not as an endorsement of their contents.


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