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Association des spécialistes en chirurgie plastique et esthétique du Québec


Plastic and aesthetic surgery represents a broad spectrum of specialized medical services. In Quebec, all plastic surgeons are registered with the Board of Le Collège des Médecins du Québec and have received a training program covering all aspects of the specialty, reconstructive as well as aesthetic in nature.

Members of the Association have all obtained their practice permit and their specialty certificate from the College of Physicians of Quebec.

Their training in general surgery and in their specific surgical field (five years duration) makes the specialist better equipped to offer their talent and competence to perform often delicate procedures in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Some surgeons specializing in plastic and aesthetic surgery have chosen to acquire additional training which places them at the peak of knowledge and technique in specific areas such as: pediatric plastic surgery; hand surgery; burn surgery; and aesthetic surgery.

In medical practice, the plastic surgeon may choose to concentrate their work in a particular area ( for example, hand surgery, pediatric plastic surgery, breast reconstruction, burns, aesthetic work, etc.).

The Association, whose members specialize in all these areas, devotes its energy to promoting member interests, as well as promoting quality services to meet the needs of the public.

The Association is dedicated, essentially, to the continuous development of the art and science of plastic and aesthetic surgery.

To achieve this goal, the Association disseminates pertinent information to the public and promotes a doctor-patient relationship based on communication, comprehension and mutual respect.

The Association also takes an active part in continuing education programs and actively participates in debates related to our professional role in Quebec society.